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Scittino's Italian Market Place




Authentic Italian Food in Catonsville, MD

Forget crossing the ocean or even stepping out your door for authentic Italian food. Enjoy those European delights with dine-in or delivery services from our restaurant in Catonsville, Maryland. In fact, sausages from around the world are made fresh, just right down the road.
Scittino's Italian Market invites you to browse our vast selections of imported cheeses, pastas, oils, vinegars, and everything Italian. The smells alone that waft through our dining room are worth the trip, or we happily deliver right to your door.

A History of Serving Good Food

The Scittino Family has owned and operated this business since 1973. Frank and his wife Tina came to this country from Sicily in 1958 with their children, Leonardo, Salvatore, and Josie. Later, in 1962, they added another son, Frankie.

Contact us in Catonsville, Maryland, to encounter a world of delicious adventure in Italian dining.
Frank operated his own butcher shop in the family's small hometown of Lascari. After coming to this country and working many years for a wholesale meat packing company, he came upon an opportunity to purchase the small deli where he and his family could work together. Over the years, he purchased the property so he would no longer have to rent from a landlord and began expanding the small deli to include a full kitchen, pizza shop, and catering services.
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Staying True to Traditions & Standards

Sal and Josie operate the business today but hold true to the traditions and standards that their father, Frank, and mother, Tina, instilled in them.

Dedicated to Excellence

We are dedicated to excellence and have built our success around personal service and quality homemade foods that our mom taught us. In fact, we still use all her recipes in our lunch, dinner, and catering menu items, and even though she is 86 now, she still comes in to make sure her sauce, meatballs, and every dish cooking on the stove meets her approval. We proudly serve our family and friends in the Catonsville area and all the surrounding communities in the Baltimore metropolitan areas.
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